Why Buy OnTap?

OnTap is a revolutionary new way to enjoy those boring domestic light lagers. Add our patent pending liquid beer enhancer to a brew of your choice and enjoy Your Beer, Your Way.

Why Buy OnTap?

1. Cost. You can purchase an 18-pack and OnTap for less than $20. Take OnTap to a pro sports arena or music event and add it to the already overpriced beer available. Each bottle of OnTap is enough to flavor a full 18-pack (depending on how much you use, of course). 

2. Convenience. Whether it's hosting a house party or managing the space in your refrigerator, OnTap is far more convenient than buying a range of brews to meet everyone's tastes. Its spill-proof lid makes it easy to take almost anywhere! 

3. Health. Because OnTap is free of calories, carbs, gluten, and alcohol - it adds more flavor without adding the other stuff you don't want to (or can't) drink.

4. Quality and Taste. OnTap's liquid flavors are made with high quality ingredients and were developed in partnership with one of the preeminent flavor houses in the U.S. Instead of adding these ingredients during the brewing process, they get added by you. This gives you the power to change your drink flavor with every sip. 

5. Control. You want to drink the same beer day in and day out? OnTap is the only product of it's type that gives you the choice, variety, and customization you crave.